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Tips / Tanks for Wax & Oil

Where to begin with tips and tanks for Wax and oil? There are many different options when it comes to filling your own cartridges. Part of it is personal preference and part of it is knowledge. Tips and Tanks for wax and oil can be made in a variety of different ways. Differences include: the type of heating coil, the position of the airflow, the make of the tip on the cartridge and the capacity that the cartridge can hold. All of these differences are what we offer at 510 batteries. Generally speaking, you would want a ceramic coil for wax and oil or any other thicker type of liquid because it will heat better with a ceramic coil. Not everyone uses the same type of battery so why should there only be one type of cartridge?

We offer the Cartisan brand Tips and Tanks for Wax and Oil: The following tanks are best to be used with Wax, concentrate and oils. Andromeda Tank: Ceramic Coil, Bottom Airflow, Black or White Ceramic Tip and 1.0ml capacity Hercules Tank: Ceramic Coil, Bottom Airflow, Gunmetal, Silver or Gold Metal Tip and 1.0ml capacity Orion Tank: Ceramic Coil, Bottom Airflow, Black or White Ceramic or Gold or Silver Metal or Wood Tip and 0.5ml or 1.0ml capacity Pegasus Tank: Ceramic Coil, Top Fixed or Top Adjustable, Round or Flat Silver Metal Tip and 1.0ml capacity Scorpius Tank: Ceramic Coil, Bottom Airflow, Clear Glass Tip and 1.0ml capacity

Tips / Tanks Vape

Any of the tanks above can be used as a Vape Tank. We also have a tank for vapes that has a cotton wick. These tanks are better for thinner liquids such as vape juice or any liquid with less viscosity than a concentrate.

The tank that we offer for Vape liquid is: The Dorado Tank: Cotton Wick, Bottom Airflow, Black Plastic or Silver or Gold Metal Tip, 1.0ml capacity