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510 Thread Batteries

510 Thread Batteries

Cartisan Spinner 350


510 Thread Batteries

Cartisan Black Box

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510 Thread Batteries

Cartisan KEYBD VV


510 Thread Batteries

Hive 2.0 by Yocan


Best 510 Thread Batteries

What is a 510 thread battery? 510 thread batteries are a type of battery that is most commonly used for cartridges that can be filled with a variety of different liquids including oil. All of the 510 batteries offer a fully enclosed rechargeable battery in a sleek and discreet packaging. The cartridges are screwed on (using a 510 thread) to the rechargeable battery.

Different types of 510 batteries that are available: Button Batteries: These rechargeable batteries heat when the button is pressed. Generally they have a preset temperature setting. Spinner Batteries: These rechargeable batteries have a twist function on the bottom of the battery to adjust the temperature setting. Auto Batteries: These rechargeable batteries automatically heat when you draw on them. When purchasing a 510 battery device, it should be an investment which is why we offer the following brand.

Cartisan 510 Batteries

Cartisan 510 batteries are the first of their kind. A branded battery that has been extensively researched to offer the best type of battery. Cartisan batteries offer a distinct type of quality that we have not found in other brands. Cartisan as a brand is paving the way with new and innovative ideas in the battery market.

Not only do they have a full line of slim batteries, this brand also includes the famous KEYBD battery and the Cartisan Black Box. The KEYBD is a flip out battery that discreetly holds the cartridge to look like a regular vehicle key. The Black Box by Cartisan is the first variable voltage battery that will hold any size cartridge. Cartisan is continuously looking for ways to improve the battery game. They are pioneers in the industry and we are excited to work with them to offer you fantastic products.